Introducing the Accelerate Health Digital Series

September 29, 2020 – April 15, 2021 | Digital

HIMSS is pleased to introduce year-round content, connectivity services and events, all focused on the power of big ideas and a fail-fast mentality to transform care delivery.

Cutting edge content is strategically designed to convene a dynamic group of industry experts and unconventional thinkers who are redefining healthcare innovation.

Fueling the Health Innovation Market
Through enhanced connectivity opportunities and honest dialogue around real health issues, attendees will engage in timely content, and make meaningful connections and partnerships to drive what’s next for health.

  • Five-part Digital Series
    HIMSS designed Accelerate Health Digital Series to provide an accessible, educational experience around digital healthcare transformation. The immersive digital environment is built to enhance the human connection and facilitate meaningful partnerships as we tackle real health issues with patient-focused results to drive what’s next for health.
  • Annual Research Report
    HIMSS research solutions help position your brand as a thought leader, fuel content marketing and advance your go-to-market strategy.
  • Podcast Series
    HIMSS Editorial Podcasts are developed, programmed, marketed and delivered by the HIMSS editorial and events team. Position your brand insights on the frontlines of healthcare transformation alongside expert speakers and leading editorial content.
  • Editorial Blog Opportunities
    Healthcare technology buyers actively seek educational and decision-focused content from HIMSS trusted editorial sources. Expand buyer knowledge around topics that align with your solutions.

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