Empower the Patient? Redesign Care

It has long been argued that replacing the traditional ‘repairing disease model’ of healthcare by a ‘keeping people as healthy as possible model’ requires a complete rethink of how healthcare and specifically primary care is provided – away from fee-for-service models and towards ‘population health management’ models that empower the patient. Attractive as these models might be, they only exist in a small number of countries, and nowhere have they been implemented on a national scale. Learn more about two best practices in the US and Europe, as we ask how modern, patient-facing IT solutions might help capitation models gain more momentum, along with a feature addressing the changing bot-to-patient relationship and thought leadership observing the impact that the democratization of information can have on healthcare. Download your copy of the eBook for free today to access the most insightful content and news, including:

• Empower the patient? Redesign care
• The Bot-to-Patient relationship
• Patient data for research
• Making medication safer