Data Meets Privacy

There is a renaissance of wearables in digital healthcare. More and more of them, many AI-empowered, are finding their way into serious clinical trials, thus contributing to medical evidence and ultimately better patient care. But with data comes responsibility: The question of how to design a digital healthcare data space that respects the privacy of individuals while at the same time providing maximal medical benefit is more important than ever.

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The Medical Future of Wearables
Once denounced as freaky, wearables are growing up and moving ever closer to medical practice, both in daily patient care and in research. Better hardware is an important factor, but what is really making a difference is better AI.

Ready for the Next Generation?
All over the world, 5G networks are on the brink of rollout, and some think that it is healthcare where the most benefits can be expected. But is this the case? Or is ‘5G’ another technology-driven pseudo-discussion?

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