COVID-19 and Beyond

The issue will focus on the implications of the coronavirus crisis for healthcare and healthcare digitization. Several months into the crisis at the time of publication, we try to identify major trends coming out of COVID-19 and unmet (digital) needs that are being unmasked. The second area of focus is digital health technology assessment which is arising in several healthcare systems and remains highly relevant during the pandemic and beyond.

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Lessons from SARS
During the first wave of COVID-19, some Asian countries including South Korea and Singapore, but also Canada, have performed much better during outbreak management than Europe or parts of the US. Among the reasons is that these countries experienced SARS in 2003 and were thus better prepared. What should hospitals do to prepare properly for an inevitable next wave?

Pandemic Management – Room for Improvement at Ground Control?
COVID-19 illustrates that a globalized world will only be sustainable if we succeed in either preventing epidemics or keeping them in check. Convincing as digitally-enhanced infection control sound, it comes with tough questions around privacy, and it also calls for cross-border approaches instead of purely national solutions.