HIMSS Insights: Digital Maturity within the Middle East

How Technology is Accelerating a Healthcare Revolution

In the face of such an unprecedented storm in the form of a pandemic, the need for information sharing, collaboration and rapid system development took on a new urgency. In many places around the globe, there are truly remarkable examples of healthcare providers’ agility and innovation. In the Middle East, which is the core focus of this issue of HIMSS Insights – we can see a wealth of case studies that demonstrate the essential role played by interoperability in the development of new patient services and information sharing.

We have also put these themes in context with some of the initiatives and models that are coming together – not always as quickly and smoothly as many healthcare professionals would like – in Europe. And further afield, there is a fascinating look at how the pandemic influenced digital health tech in Australia and Hong Kong as part of their public health responses. This is a great time to observe how working with interoperability in mind from the ground up helps to create an integrated care landscape in which public and private institutions can share information in ever more innovative ways.

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