HIMSS APAC is proud to present this eBook titled Acceleration of Digital Health: An overview of Australia's Digital Health Landscape.

Healthcare systems and providers – with notable exceptions - have been notoriously slow to adopt new digital technologies and innovations and to push forward on the road to digital maturity. All that changed almost overnight with the global COVID-19 pandemic - resistance to online healthcare receded, attitudes shifted, regulations were temporarily relaxed and the result was years of digital transformation happened in a matter of weeks or days.

The adoption of digital health services in Australia has been dramatically accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic – and in ways that nobody could have imagined: the key question, as for countries around the world, is how to maintain the momentum, build future resilience and the drive the opportunity for innovation in new digitally-enabled models of care.

The ebook provides readers a broad overview of the country’s digital health developments and features highlights from the nine-episode HIMSS Australia Digital Dialogue Series.

Download the ebook for insights on:

  • How various States in Australia responded to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Case studies on how technology has transformed healthcare delivery in the country
  • Perspectives from healthcare leaders in Australia on the country’s ongoing digital health journey
  • Lessons and challenges learnt from the pandemic to help health systems prepare for the future
  • Telemedicine’s rapid growth in Australia and its associated challenges