Expense Management

Automating Expenses: How to Introduce Your Healthcare Organization to a Better System

Maximizing the time and energy of healthcare professionals can impact not only the financial bottom-line, but the health outcomes of patients. As this eBook details, adopting an automated expense management solution gives finance teams tools that can boost staff productivity, cut down on wasted processes, and alleviate cost pressures that affect care.

For healthcare providers, every penny counts. In this eBook you’ll learn why shifting to an automated expense solution not only saves time and money, but improves care in the process.

eBook insights include:

  • 31% of healthcare expenditures stem from admin costs
  • Admin costs account for 25% of hospital spending
  • 70% of physicians spend 10 hours/wk on paperwork
  • Real-life examples of 1-2 month ROI, time and money savings

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