Privacy & Security

New Ways to Collaborate While Preserving Privacy

The increasing adoption of EHRs has made more data than ever available for research. However, finding a way to access and use that data ethically and securely has been a challenge. Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) make it possible for healthcare organizations (HCOs) around the world to work together to improve patient outcomes while ensuring that patient data never leaves its secure environment.

This white paper examines how:

  • The need to protect patients’ privacy under HIPAA and GDPR presents a challenge to using data for research
  • Researchers need access to large volumes of data in order to develop and train AI algorithms for use in patient care
  • Confidential computing platforms (CCPs) with memory encryption and privacy-preserving analytics like Intel® SGX enable HCOs around the world to collaborate while keeping patient data secure within each organization

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