Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model:
Your framework to transform and improve clinical environments

Understand your road map toward personalized care delivery and reduce medical error risk with CISOM.

Health systems require automated supply chain infrastructure at the point of care to proactively identify risk of adverse events to strengthen quality and safety for patients and improve system performance.

Get your CISOM Score for insights on your next steps to:

  • Reduce supplies cost informed by inventory management
  • Create traceability of care processes, and products used in care to support patient safety
  • Integrate supply chain tools to inform clinical decision making, proactive risk management and care innovation
  • Drive the personalization of care for populations informed by best outcomes for patients

The Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM) is an eight stage (0-7) model that provides a strategic pathway to track processes and products used in care by mobilizing data to create real world evidence of impact and outcomes for patient populations. Our expert advisors are available with helpful insight and tools to move your organization along its journey.

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