Download: 7 Research-Backed Best Practices for Healthcare IT Content Marketing

What does a winning content marketing strategy in the healthcare and information technology space look like?

That's the question we set out to answer when we surveyed 150 B2B HIT marketers on their content marketing practices and 215 HIT buyers on their content preferences.

We crunched the data, and the difference between ordinary content marketers and extraordinary ones was clear. Our findings include:

  • Extraordinary content marketers provide a mix of high-quality content that speaks to what healthcare professionals really care about.
  • Extraordinary content marketers are fully committed to delivering a well-rounded content strategy.
  • Extraordinary content marketers measure the performance of their content and continuously optimize.

In our eBook, 7 Research-Backed Best Practices for Healthcare IT Content Marketing, we'll dive into these insights and more. Download the eBook today to learn what the top-performing HIT content marketers are doing to succeed.

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