Healthcare Technology Marketing: The Evolving Landscape

Join us for review of the in-depth survey on how marketers continue to evolve to build a sustainable marketing strategy in our new normal—brought to you by HIMSS and healthlaunchpad.

In December of 2020, HIMSS and healthlaunchpad fielded a survey to provide insights to healthcare marketers and their teams that uncovered spend levels, marketing technologies and tactics that marketers across the healthcare landscape planned to deploy in 2021 to meet the challenges of driving results.

As a follow-up, a survey was conducted to understand how the responses and predictions from the first survey compare to where we are today.

Learning Points:

  • What marketing tactics have been used thus far in 2021, and their effectiveness
  • Anticipated 2021 budget vs. current budget
  • Anticipated 2021 investments vs. current investments
  • Top challenges faced
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